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As a former US Navy SEAL, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your mind right before you enter the fight. The enemy to effective war fighting and owning the battle space is DISTRACTION. If you do not keep your thoughts on task, you are literally inviting defeat. Anyone who has ever fought for a living knows that if you can control the head of your enemy, either physically or mentally, your chance of victory exponentially increases (where your head goes, the body will follow). We have an enemy that views us conversely as the enemy, and uses distraction techniques to take us off task, and create strongholds and repetitive cycles that work against the initial battle plan set in motion when Jesus came into your heart. In Limitless, Aaron Davis presents you with life-changing guidelines for overcoming self-defeating mindsets, effectively managing your thought life, experiencing victory over strongholds in your life, and living your dreams by becoming all that God created you to be.

Jeff Bramstedt- Former Navy SEAL, Founder Life of Valor Men’s Ministry

Aaron Davis is generational leader with an unrelenting passion to see people walk in freedom. Inside Limitless you will find life-changing principles, literally. Aaron has laid out an incredible framework that answers the interpersonal concerns about God, and the place He has created for you in this world. You will learn the cognitive tools that empower you to think, believe, and live free. This playbook is a “go-to” resource for people who struggle. Freedom is truly in reach!

Patrick Norris – Certified Multiple Addiction Professional (IITAP) – Senior Pastor – LifePointe Church (Kansas City)

When initially experiencing the Limitless Freedom program with Pastor Aaron, so much of what was being presented was completely new and foreign to us. We hadn’t been taught about our covenant with God. We hadn’t known about all that Jesus accomplished for us. We weren’t fully aware of how many of the repetitive struggles and setbacks we experienced were directly related to strongholds rooted in how we processed our past. And we hadn’t been properly exposed to the liberating love and grace of God. But as we encountered and applied the truths presented in this book, our eyes were opened as we, as a couple, experienced new levels of freedom over issues that had become strongholds and placed a ceiling on our spiritual progress.

Today, we continue to progress and grow deeper in our relationship with God, building upon the secure foundation that He has provided for us. As the Bible says, He whom the Son sets free is free indeed, and we are daily walking in that freedom. We are beyond grateful that God placed Pastor Aaron in our lives, and that we were able to experience firsthand the freedom presented in this book. The tools and knowledge acquired have proven to be invaluable, beautifully profound, and have been an incredible blessing to us. We know God will use Limitless to change your life in a mighty and powerful way, just as it has ours.

Bart and Natasha Walker

Bart Walker, 2012 Gibson Blues Guitarist of the Year, Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Cyril Neville’s Royal Southern Brotherhood, Morning Farm Report, The Bart Walker Band, Studio Musician,

Natasha Walker, MM, MT-BC, Lecturer of Music Therapy, Clinical Supervisor, Coordinator of Clinical Placements, Belmont University,Board-Certified Music Therapist, NICU Music Therapist,Trained HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator,

We met pastor Aaron while taking his Limitless Freedom class several years ago after coming out of backgrounds in adult entertainment, drug abuse, witchcraft, physical and emotional abuse, and abandonment and foster care, while struggling with all of the strongholds associated with these experiences (inferiority, shame, addictive behaviors, fear, anger, pride, lack of self-control, difficulty with relationships, and rebellion). At the time, we were looking for answers and attempting to make sense of where we fit in (if at all) as it pertained to God and His love for us, but as we learned more about who God intended for us to be, we were able to embrace the Grace of God for our lives.

That was over seven years ago and today we continue to grow in our relationship with God, recognizing that although we are not perfect and still make mistakes, we are in the process of being perfected by Him.

I’m confident that Limitless will be a blessing to you, imparting the same foundational truths that were necessary for us to go from where we were, to being where we are today. It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done, you are not defined by your past. The love of God can take you to new levels of freedom—we are personal examples of it!

Art and Lisa Bisbee – Former Adult Entertainers

I didn’t grow up in the ideal American family with a loving mother and father who went to church every Sunday. I attended church but I lived in a dysfunctional household where my mom was a Christian and my dad was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I never understood why he chose drugs over me. I wondered why I wasn’t enough and often asked, “Why did my father abandon me?”

Because of my relationship with my father, I found it difficult to trust God as my “Father” because I rationalized if God loved me, He wouldn’t have allowed the dysfunction in my home. As I got older, I made some unwise choices and felt I could never walk in His purpose for my life because of my sins . . . until attending Pastor Aaron’s Limitless Freedom class.

The principles presented in this book helped me to recognize strongholds in my life, while also accepting the truth about God and how He felt about me. I have been able to experience real freedom because I applied what you will learn reading Limitless. I now know God’s words are true and He loves me, even if LIFE says something different.

Today, I teach the Limitless program at my church and am able to see countless others walk in the freedom, power, and potential that they, too, were created for.

Carla Mahlberg – Wife, Mother, Lead Technology Trainer, Limitless Freedom Teacher

The mind is the battlefield for so many of the victories and defeats we experience in life. How you process life’s events, how you think about God in relation to those events, and how you define yourself because of those events can have substantial impact upon your quality of life and spiritual experience. In Limitless, Aaron Davis presents practical perspectives and intentional guidelines for experiencing the freedom, power, and potential that God has always intended for you.


Greg Wark, Pastor, President/CEO of Mission Force,

As children we never question if our environment is normal because to us, at the time, it is all we know. Honestly, it wasn’t until my early to mid-twenties when some repressed memories slowly started surfacing, causing me then to really start reflecting over my entire life, deeply questioning environments and behaviors I was exposed to, and thinking, Was that really okay for someone to say or do to me?

As I began to reflect on these events, so many emotions flooded my mind—shame, anger, sadness, confusion, and shock! I thought I was capable of overcoming it all simply by stuffing it down in a teeny tiny box in my brain, locking it up, and tossing out the key. This was a horrible idea.

Through a series of events, that locked childhood memory box exploded, causing a roller coaster of emotions and anxiety, and the hardest season of depression I’ve ever experienced.

Then came Limitless. The vicious cycle of emotional pain in my mind began to dissipate. I found RELIEF! I had been living with so much unnecessary confusion, blame, and guilt from the abuse I endured throughout most of my life.

I can say wholeheartedly Limitless changed my life and taught me how to know myself, how to love myself, and how to forgive on a scale that has been liberating. I feel blessed beyond measure not just to know Pastor Aaron Davis, but also to be able to call him my friend! And I am excited to see the truths presented in Limitless be the catalyst of healing for so many others like it has been for me!


Emily Everman Pack, Mother, Student

I had the opportunity to attend one of Pastor Aaron’s classes back in the fall of 2015.  I found it very informative in the topic of strongholds.  The process of the Limitless breakthrough weekend was cathartic and helped you change your perception of the way you viewed yourself and your life.
Pastor Aaron is well versed and insightfully transparent regarding his own strongholds which helps the class members feel comfortable and free to explore their own issues.  I would recommend this program for anyone especially if you are trying to let go of past events or guilt.
Deb York APN, LPC-MHSP, Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner